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Gold’s rally faces Q2

Since December 2015, gold has turned the corner. I track the gold price in many currencies and it is currently above its 200 day moving average in 30 out of the top 31 cases. The missing one is Japan, where the Yen has been strong. As for the 30 day moving average, things are less […]

Gold bear markets end with a 20% surge

  The gold bear market table shows a history of gold bear markets. They are all different from one another and occurred for a number of reasons. This time, it was relatively simple – at $1,900, gold had run out of steam and the price got ahead of itself. Post credit crisis QE failed to bring on inflation […]

The COMEX question

Question: The 293 to 1 ratio for ‘paper gold’ to physical doesn’t sound good. Imagine a bank running that kind of leverage ratio and the run potential! I wonder if we might well see a loss of confidence in paper gold and a massive price disconnect between the physical and paper markets one day?   […]

Blockchain – a squaddie-proof database

The blockchain has become the acceptable face of bitcoin. In simple terms, it is a decentralised, secure and open-source database that powers the bitcoin network. But if you mention bitcoin in polite company, you will be branded a nutter; mention blockchain, on the other hand, and you will be invited to the ambassador’s reception. I put this down to the […]

Zipabout – 4D mapping

A pigeon can get from A to B with a one dimensional map, as they can fly in a straight line, but for us Londoners, we need that second dimension. It all began with the A to Z created by Phyllis Pearsall in 1936. The story goes that she got lost in London using the […]

Go Henry – The Young Pound

One of my squash partners recently joined a Fintech business called Go Henry . The company’s mission is to administer pocket money for children aged between 8 and 18. It is educational and helps to make kids more financially responsible. The account holder is the parent, whilst the kids have a sub-account, an app and […]

China, copper and contagion

The Chinese stock market has been remarkable over the past year. It took off like a rocket, crashed back down, yet is still up 30% over the past 12 months. In China, we get a boom, bubble, crash and bust all within a year China has been the world’s growth engine so there are legitimate […]

Bitcoin – Elliott Wave Count

Elliott wave is a theory that dates back to the 1960s. Bull markets climb three upward waves (1,3,5) with two corrections (2,4) during bull markets, followed by two corrections (A,C) with only one upward move (B) during bear markets. There are various rules about the third wave not being the smallest and so on. It’s […]